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Did you just get a news alert? Did Kimye have another baby? Wait, wait, what just happened at New York Fashion Week? If it’s entertainment-related or something that has gone viral, more than likely, you will find the details here! It’s The Pri Party’s Entertainment section.




Want to know what I really think about something that happened in the news? Here’s the spot where I voice my true feelings. It could be about famous people or just a “Here’s the Thing” rant. Find it here in The Pri Party’s Musings section.




There is always something new coming out for us to purchase. I like things, you like things, but sometimes you like to see what others have to say about it first. I like to call this informed decision making. You can find videos and reviews under the Pri Party’s Products section.



I’m not on TV but one day I will be or at least behind the scene. This is where you can see all my videos on my channel. I love to talk and discuss stuff and also tell people what I think about certain products. As a Youtube partner, I make weekly videos begging for views, likes, and comments.