2c6147a1f55968d9e1bd0c37d9e07111If you have found this page it is not an error, I promise you. A quick summary of who I am. As a recent graduate from the University of South Florida, I majored in program and production for broadcast, with a certificate in visualization and design. I took production classes for television and news. During my time in college I produced and hosted two radio shows on the number one college radio station in Tampa, FL, Bulls Radio 89.7 FM & 1620 AM. When I wasn’t running out for b-roll and writing blogs for numerous sites, I worked four internships, two of them being NPR affiliate radio stations, 97 Country WPCV and The CW Network. Please take your time to check out some of the in class work I completed and my social media networks.


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Prior to returning to school to get my degree in Mass Communications I worked 15 years in retail, management, sales, and non-profits.


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Radio Shows 

The Pri Party on and the Get Down with my Co-host King Unique!

Listen to some of my recent shows right here! Don’t forget to check out my interview with upcoming singing group from the hit BET show, Chasing Destiny -June’s Diary

Interview with a local Tampa artist Young Fella

When I wasn’t searching for the hot topics and the viral video of the week my favorite class was Florida Focus. This was a class that produced a two-minute news program for the local NPR affiliate station WUSF. We held meetings, decided which new stories were the most important, created graphics and shot our own B-roll. This was one of my favorite classes. Many people who take this class go on to be broadcasters, TV news producers, and MMJ reporters.



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Videos Created with Premiere Pro

Sequence Video

5 minute Show Created in a production studio: Written/created produced by me

Under The Silvermoon Documentary: This Documentary is about one of the oldest drive-in theaters in Central Florida. Concept, idea, cuts, research and shots by Deprina

Chase Scene: Group project shots done by me title and idea

When I wasn’t behind the camera I did a few jobs as a production assistant for some USF professors and for the Roland Martin show. Check out the views behind the scenes.



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WXXI Rochester,NY Summer Intern Co-produced shows

I interviewed the owners of a tiny house and also gave my inside on this show and found and booked the guest.

I found this topic, booked two guest and researched the topic.

I came up with this topic about online parent shaming then booked and found all four guest for the show. 

CW44 Creative Services Intern for fall 2016 behind the scenes, production, promo and blogger

Spring 2017 WPCV Country 97.5 in Lakeland, Florida, Morning show intern and promotions.


Fall 2015-Spring 2016 worked with WMNF Public radio board operation intern.




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In Class Production credits: Florida Focus  and Tv Production



Celebrity sightings… well at least for me..



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 The Odyssey Online

The Cubicle Chick

Open Mic here!

I also blogged for the CW/CBS website during my internship in the fall of 2016

here are a few

Social Media Accounts

The Pri Party “Like” page

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Tweet Me! 

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Check my Instagram

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Check my YouTube Channel

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Do you want to know more?  

Check out my About Page here!

Don’t forget to add me on LinkedIn!

Professional Organizations: NABJ & NYABJ



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