What’s interview etiquette? Check out my Fox News Interview experience +Video

This video is all about my experience interviewing at FOX NEWs in New York.

Please be mindful that Local fox news stations are not the same as the FOX news channel. I grew up loving my Fox 2 News in Detroit.

I was initially excited to interview with them but the experience I had was clearly done by people who don’t know how to interview people.

I am no bashing the Company anywhere in this video I am only telling you all my experience and how I felt. I mentioned the race of the women because I felt like that would be a question that people would ask because a lot of people feel there isn’t any diversity at Fox News. I know there is but I am only telling you what I experienced.

Now I’m not bitter about not getting the job. I just wanted to share my experience because I didn’t see any reviews online. I think this should be a learning experience when companies decide how to interview candidates.


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