Music Critique: Luke Bryan “Fast”

I love this song and I don’t care what anybody says. So I needed a class to fill in my last few credits I needed to graduate. I took all my major classes but I wanted something that would give me a better insight as to what I really wanted to do in life-Be on the Radio.

So I took a class on music. Here is my critique on the song fast by Luke Bryan and what my interpretation was.

Depending on where you are in America country music can be the number one format of music played on the radio or barely exist at all. You could sum up country music as the cross between beer, patriotism, and Christianity. There probably will never be a country song that doesn’t mention one of those themes. Luke Bryan’s “Fast” is a new song that is gaining popularity right now because it does relate to all people. “Fast” is the anthem for that moment in your life that you can’t get back but you will never forget it. It makes you nostalgic. This song starts off at a slow pace then speeds up quickly. Just like the lyrics. If you ever thought to yourself, “Wow time really has flown by”, then “Fast” will bring back all those old feelings for you. There isn’t a hidden meaning behind a song like this. You can understand the lyrics and interpret the performance in your own way.  You don’t need any type of special performance to understand what is being talked about in this song. This song conveys a message about life and how it moves fast but sometimes that is how you like it. Christopher Small’s question, about what it mean for a song to be performed at this place, that this time, and for these participates, is answered with this Luke Bryan song. Music, radio, and media are changing are constantly changing every day. How we interact with family and friends has changed and “fast”, gives fans a chance to reflect on the past and appreciate the present.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 9.18.53 AM

When you watch the music video performance of this song, you get the instant feeling that this is personal but it is made for everyone. When the performance starts it is just him and his guitar on a stage in an empty theater. The slow beat in the beginning of the song makes you want to sway slowly back and forth. Think about all those time people would put out lighters during a sad song and wave them in the air. This song had a beat that reflects that. Listeners get the feel that this song is bringing back memories for the performer. He is sharing this experience with his audience.  “Fast, that’s the kind of car you want to drive when you’re sixteen fast.” Starting the song with this first line already gives any adult listening to this song those memories of when they were in high school. He keeps repeating the word “Fast” making sure that the pictures show events and memories that he would define as going by too fast. When the third line is being sung, you instantly hear piano keys in the background start to speed up. The first verse ends with, “Fast, Yeah, you think you’re going to catch your big dreams just like that and here you are looking back. The drums pick up along with the piano keys and the track is going faster. Once the song speeds up it give you that feeling of how fast those high school years went by. You aren’t young and innocent anymore. All of these instruments are classic country music sounds. The accents of the singer add that authenticity to the music also. When you realize what the lyrics are about, then you notice that the music is speeding up with the time line events.

Luke Bryan’s lyrics chose to highlight old times and make you remember all the good times you had in your life. His chorus goes. “ Sixty seconds now feels more like thirty. Tick-tock, won’t stop, around it goes. Sand through the glass sure falls in a hurry and all you keep trying to do is slow it down, soak it in. Keep trying to make the good times last as long as you can, but you can’t, man It just goes too fast.” This is an important part of the song because he is telling us examples of time. These lyrics could bring up emotions for an audience. He isn’t saying let’s do life over but let’s just slow it down a little. Parents seeing their kids graduate. When you first got married or all those family gatherings.

This song is about memories. Although this is a man singing this song, a woman would interpret it in a similar way. When you hear a song like this it is a form of musicking. Luke Bryan is trying to make people feel something with this song. In his music video, the portraits of his family from twenty years ago, the first date with his wife and first child being born, where showcased so that he could designate with his audience. It isn’t a sad song. It gives you life in the form of a song.

This isn’t your average country music song. The last part of this song switches up the tone of the beats and speeds of the lyrics. Instead of the same repeating beat throughout the song, there is a complete turnaround. The instruments towards the end are different. In the beginning, it was a slow guitar and now a piano and drums have been added. The sounds of the metal top hats are consistent in the background for the last verse. When you first start thing about things in the past, it is kind of sad, or slow like the beats of this song in the first verse. As you start to realize that you appreciate the life you lived, that is when your spirits are uplifted. This is what happens with the intrinsic elements in this song. The beat works along with the verses that Luke Bryan sings.

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In Conclusion, the analysis of this song is easy for anyone on the point out. The sound of the music and the lyrics combine with who Luke Bryan is outside of that creates an idea that “I am just like you” for his audience. Just because he is rich now don’t mean he has sold out. He was still born and raised in the south and has those old school polaroids. I think this song also interacts with my own context. I often think about how it was when I was growing up back in Detroit. My life is completely different now. When that song increases the beat, it makes me feel like it is something happy and upbeat. I am soon to be graduating and getting married. When I hear this song it brings up memories of me and my relationship. I don’t even like country music but I love this song.  Luke Bryan’s “Fast” is that song that has taken something that many people can relate to and made it a popular song. Every line of this song gives a meaning for “Fast”.  Rather it is the clock on the wall or how fast you are aging, this is what it means to be performed at this place, at this time and for this audience.

Bryan, Luke. “Luke Bryan – Fast.” YouTube. YouTube, 02 Mar. 2017. Web. 20 Mar. 2017.


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