Kid time with Kiana: A Kid Show concept

Kid Time with Kiane

Hi, Kids would you like to play? Let’s count to 10! Do you know how to say your ABC’s? These are common opening phrases for kid shows of the past. As Technology evolves so does the brain of our kids. It seems as though they are getting learning more and have access to everything. From 2 years olds that own iPads to seven-year-old Youtube stars, the TV industry is finding all types of ways to stay relevant. “Moreover, kid-centric content — primarily short form videos with amateur talent — is one of the most popular categories on YouTube, which launched an app targeting youngsters in February. Tubular Labs measured 5.6 billion views for YouTube’s kid-focused vids  in the first quarter of 2015, up 224% from the same period the previous year.” (Steinberg, Brian) This particular kids show will mix nostalgic kids show with reality TV and a behind the scenes of a Youtube Star.

   Historically, kids have always sat around the tv on Saturday morning watching their favorite cartoons. That is the time of the week when parents are trying to sleep in and the kids are glued to the tv. Today Kids have more distractions that don’t always include the idiot box. Cellphones, Ipads, video games and apps are where the views from these kids are going. There are rules set in place that require there to be at least three hours of kid programming per week on TV but there always seems to be a website that follows most sites. According to Gary Carr, senior VP of the national broadcast & programming for agency Ammirati Puris Lintas, he says that TV ratings in homes where there is a computer are lower than those that don’t have computer access. (Katz, Richard) That was in 1998. Today Youtube has noticed that it’s kids viewership has gotten so big, that it has created an app that just filters the kid’s shows and removes the ads. The only catch is, you pay a monthly fee for it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 8.35.51 AM

   Today’s kids shows are the complete opposite of the past. “YouTube has already spawned new formats for children’s entertainment – even if they are sometimes baffling for people outside their target audiences. Many parents still don’t understand why watching Stampy or Diamond Minecart Dan play Minecraft is as appealing for many children as playing it themselves, for example.” (Dredge, Stuart) Kids television is a hard thing to rate because historically we know that Nielson ratings use a device to track adults television watching habits. When it comes to Youtube, you can easily see how many views each video gets and that can be translated to dollars easier for advertisers.

   The target audience for “Kid Time with Kiane” is small children between the age of 2 and 12. Having a with a doll on a Youtube channel creates an admiration effect for children because they want to be like the character they see and it closely relates to them because it becomes real. A kid making a video on a camera in her living room and talking to her doll is exactly what many kids do every day. The reality part of the show relates heavy with parents. This may attract younger parents between the ages of 18-28 that have forgotten their youth in the past to pursue motherhood. We can’t forget to mention that this biracial family will draw attention to the many families that can identify with the characters. “The number of people who identify themselves as multiracial is growing three times faster than the population as a whole, according to a new report that explores the latest nuances and contradictions of racial identity in a society that has sometimes seen itself as a melting pot.” (Kunkle, Fredrick.) The popularity of reality television is guilty of adding that curiosity to this type of kid program.

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   Adding adults to the mix is another way to money out of the consumers. If you can get the parents in front of the TV too, then you can get them to spend the money on the products being advertised in between sets. “At Sprout, the pre-schooler network operated by NBCUniversal, live morning program “The Sunny Side Up Show” features celebrities as a way to reach out to parents, says Sandy Wax, the outlet’s president.” (Steinberg, Brian) This gives you an Idea of the networks you will see this kid show on. Although “Kid time with Kiane” is a Youtube Channel, the reality TV part of the show will be shown on Sunday evenings right before Fox’s “The Simpsons”. With the 25 year history of this cartoon, people will not mind watching this reality show then catching the Youtube video over and over again online. In a sense, they are able to see one show from the kid’s view and the adult’s view. There will sure to be rerun on the weekend and unlimited streaming online.

In conclusion, “Kid time with Kiane” is a different type of show that adds the elements of old school television shows, and new school reality tv. You will be able to watch it whenever you and your kids want. They can learn from another kid that looks just like them. Parents will be able to relate to the mom in this show and it will be sure to draw attention from other networks to follow through with a similar type of show geared for family time. The purpose of the is to create a different genre of television and keep kid’s programming alive.    


This was a kids show concept that I came up with in college. It was a funny concept that we were able to create in studio with our classmates.


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