Apps are where it’s at!

By Deprina Godboldo

University of South Florida

TAMPA—The younger generation appears to be ditching traditional forms of media consumption and getting their news and music from cell phone apps.

Minh Luu, a mass communications student at the University of South Florida, never watches television, but uses his cell phone apps to stay in touch with the news, discover music and binge watch television shows on Netflix for over five hours a day.

When Luu is not in class, he’s on the Internet. As a guitarist, he depends on Spotify, Pandora and Soundcloud to discover new music.

“I can listen to cool music without having to download or pay for it since I am not a person that would pay for music,” Luu said. “I think music is meant to share, not to commercialize.”

Music is just one of the most popular downloaded Android and Apple apps. They attract subscribers because they are free to use. With 100 million downloads, Netflix is one of the top paid apps in the market.

“I pay an eight-dollar subscription for Netflix because, let’s be honest, we cannot live without Netflix,” Luu said. “They have a really great selection of TV series that I love and save me time from commercials.”

When young students like Luu aren’t listening to music or clicking through Netflix, they may be online searching for the currents news. Most news outlets have a Twitter or Facebook page that users can access see headlines on before anything goes to print.

“I look for news on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook,” Luu said. “I will read on specific news webpages in Vietnamese and English using trends as my filters.”

The millions of downloads for apps, page views and shares online could be proof of a new tradition.  


This was a writing piece from November 2015 for the University of SouthFlorida


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