Tamar Is SPILLING ALLLLL the TEA on Vincent’s SIDE baby & it might be LAURA GLOVAN!!

“Ladies and gentlemen know that 2018 is a FRESH start. If I can leave this liar then You can leave yours too”

This is how Tamar ended her spilled tea this morning.

So I am up early on the last Saturday of the year. Scrolling and Biiihhhhhh The tea is getting spilled. Tamar was up early this morning honey getting ready to go into the new year the right way.

“Vincent Herbert is having a baby and his whore decided to let me know about it tonight”

Tamar says she isn’t ready to give up on the marriage days ago

She opened her Instagram post with complete discuss. Calling the woman a “Broke , ass, whore,” and telling her to check public records before she goes through with it.

We aren’t sure what “it” is but she could be talking about the baby or going public. If  you are a fan of Tamar then you know she can speak in some cryptic language but if you follow along she is telling you all the details before anyone else can.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 7.09.52 AM

I guess Vincent out here showing his ass now that he can see his &^&. Dam even Famous and beautiful women out here getting cheated on. What does that tell the rest of us? (Most) Men are trash.

We can only wait to see how this is going to play out. You know Tamar’s next album is going be fire though.


Update: Apparently he has been vacationing with Laura Glovan months ago and Laura’s ex-husband spilled the tea to Tamar months ago. So if you put two and two together. It just might be the ex-basketball wife who is pregnant by Vincent Herbert.


MANNNNNNN People so nasty and sneaky!!  I get my updates from Fameolous so make sure you all check them out online and on instagram. They always make sure your tea is PIPPING HOT!!


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