New Year, New Me, New Goals, Same people complaining -_-

Keep trying until you can’t try anymore. Why you should let the haters hate and be great.


It’s that time of year again. Christmas is over and it is time for you to start thinking about the new year. You got weightless goals? business goals? Hell, maybe you want to start saving money.

Each year you have those few people that have something to say about you setting goals every year. Don’t let them stop you from being great. The purpose is to never stop trying. You may see those status updates from friends asking why do you have to wait until the new year. I say fuck them. Don’t let certain trends stop you from doing you.

I wanted to make me a vision board for the new year, write my goals down, and I  start my diet on January 1st. I started seeing a few of my Facebook friends saying negative stuff like, ” Don’t start with that New  year, new me stuff” or “Bashing people people because they want to leave all their baggage in 2017 to change for the better. I felt a little discouraged. I thought to myself. Who the hell cares what others think. I set goals last year and I surpassed them.

I been doing new stuff every year since I left Detroit in 2010. I am not about to sit and worry about what someone else thinks about me wanting to make a resolution.

You want to know what isn’t changing? The people complaining about you setting a goal or running to the gym on January 1. We out here adulting. Let me and 200 other people be up in the gym trying to catch a sweat.

We fall off. Things come up in life and we learn from them. You have to live your best LIFE.

This could be your year. The year you loose those 50lbs, find that husband, go back school or what ever your goals maybe for 2018.

People like to have that since of renewal. It is no different that moving into a new house or getting a new car. You want to start over. You want to do things different.

The problem with people is they are too busy worrying about what every one else is doing with their life instead of what they need to be doing to improve their quality of life. I say set them goals and fulfill them!, or not.



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