Networking with men can be a problem, here’s why.

Why it can be harder for women to network and make business connections: A Twitter thread.

So, I am prowling my Twitter as per usual. First, I come across a woman bashing other women because they are fat after having kids, then I come across the most eye-opening thread I have ever read online.

“Networking and following up business proportions is much harder for women because honestly, a lot of me try to win on us at some stage.”

The thread went on to explain that in many situations when it comes to women trying to follow up after networking events it turns in to something more than a professional conversation. It makes me wonder if it is that hard for men to treat women how they would treat another man trying to do business with them.


How is it that when a woman moves up or tries to create a partnership it is equated to ” sleeping your way to the top” but with men, it is, “Hook me up and I will hook you up.” The tweets go on to explain the admiration for men to be able to have it so easy, yet it has to be so complicated for women.

Think about it, how many times have you seen women move up in business or get some top position and the first thing you think is, “I wonder what she did to get that job?” Where in the world of misogynist brainwashing did we even get that idea? Where is the Women empowerment that we like to preach about? Here is the big issue. There is some thought process that happens in (some) a man’s mind that thinks that just because a woman has on a nice outfit, her face is done up or her hair is laid that she is somehow flirting with them. As this thread went on you can be sure there were some shitty replies that assumed such.

The shitty Tweet:

You can always expect a few men to throw out this idea that women are flirting with them to get ahead. There should be a list of keywords when you take that sexual harassment class that is required by human resources. Wait until a woman actually says with her mouth these exact phrases: “I want to date you”, ” I want to get in a relationship with you that is sexual” or even ” This is about sex, not the business.” If you haven’t heard with your ears these exact sentences then the default though should always be that this is ALL business and NEVER pleasure.

This is the part where the internet became a champion. Men begin to reply saying that they have heard this happening and even they have men they work with that do this. Now it wasn’t just a thing where women were complaining about men but some men actually being a side witness to it.

Some of them couldn’t even understand how men are going through the inbox on LinkedIn to hook up with women by luring them with potential jobs opportunities.

I will only say this once. LinkedIn is not your opportunity to find a woman to date, you are sexual harassment before she even works with you.

My only reply to this thread was:

Love this thread! Things I noticed: a lot of men think women “dress” for them😒 make up or hair is for them. 🙅🏽‍♀️ Putting ya best foot forward shouldn’t be taken as “I want to get with you”


These are the type of issues women, in general, can run into. No it is not all men and it probably has not happened to all women but you can’t deny that it isn’t a thing. I didn’t pay 60k for my degrees just to be blocked by a man with too much power, a delusional sense of flirtation, or to be told how stacked my body is during at a business meeting. Sure, I can say no thank you a million time but does that mean I won’t get an opportunity because I said no? Do I get the opportunity if I say yes? see how that is a trap.

Let’s keep this simple. No one is saying that all men are shitty and think with their penis. All I am saying is unless you are about to tell Micheal he is beautiful when he wants to talk about a partnership then don’t tell Tiffany how you think she is beautiful. It is ok to keep your personal thoughts to yourself. Keep business in its place. Keep sexual relationships out of the networking/business/work space.

When the stories from women started, that is when I said OH HELLLLLLLLLLL NAWWWLL. Men, Ya’ll need to check ya boy. That is BOY activity for sure.

Check out the replies below.

Go check out the thread for yourself Follow: @t0nit0ne

oh and here is ” How not to be a creeper” –>

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