Racist Mom ALLEGEDLY Scams the Whole INTERNET, Celebrities, and News outlets fall for it.

Apparently, none of these news sites cared to do any of the research behind this story. Lucky me, I check news up dates on a consistant basis. It is the holidays people and as much as we would love to see people be honest and genuine, there are people out there ready to scam on our hopes and dreams.

The story about Kenton Jones has been going viral on Facebook. His mother, Kimberly Jones, posted a video of her son in tears about a bullying incident at his school. What Kimberly forgot to do was wipe are her racist pictures and images off her public Facebook page before using her kid to get money online.

Why was there a GOfund me account set up for a little boy that was bullied? Is that money going to stop the abuse? Of maybe it will fund your Christmas holiday. How is this woman racist Deprina? Here are a few examples:

I don’t care how many times you tell yourself the confederate is about southern pride, each time you are lying to yourself honey child.

According to the Facebook police, she is well known to be in the comments “bullying” people because of their differences. Also Exhibit A:

Exhibit B

Ignoring the fact that this incident didn’t happen this day, it happened a week before and the school punished the kids. -> http://bit.ly/2At9Y8d
The root reported that this could be a scam. According to her inbox to the MMA fighter’s who helped it go viral. Let’s not forget all the racist propaganda on her FB, well-known bullying in comments, and has now shut down her pages. –http://bit.ly/2ygbrZv

Last but not least- I have been talking about bullying all week and bullycide, which happens when a kid commits suicide from bullying. You don’t need a go fund me because you were bullied but families that have lost their child because of it does.
The families of 10-year old Ashawnty Davis http://ti.me/2AaHH27

This little angel is Ashawnty Davis, 10, of Aurora, Colorado. Tragically, she ended her life due to bullying. . Ashawnty wanted to grow up to be a WNBA star, but that dream was cut short when she was involved in a fight last month. “She got into her first ever fight. It was recorded by a student and sent to an app called Musical.ly,” her father Anthony Davis told KDVR, adding the incident occurred at the end of October on school property. . In the video, he said, Ashawnty and another girl are seen fighting while a group of kids watch. Her parents said their daughter was defending herself against a bullying peer during the fight. Ashawnty endured more bullying after the video was uploaded to the app and circulated among her peers at Sunrise Elementary School in Aurora, CO. . Latoshia Harris, Ashawnty’s mother, said the incident happened because her daughter confronted the other girl, who she claims had been bullying Ashawnty. “I saw my daughter was scared,” she added. “She was devastated when she found out that it had made it to Musical.ly.” . Two weeks after the altercation, Ashawnty came home and hung herself in a closet. She was placed on life support for two weeks and passed away on Wednesday morning. . “She was just a child of joy and she brought joy to everyone,” her father said. “It’s just devastating.” Her parents are referring to the tragic death as a case of “bullycide” in which people take their lives as a result of bullying. . Our deepest sympathies are with Ashawnty’s parents and loved ones. Be at peace baby girl… 💜 #ashawntydavis #ripAshawnty #bullycide #suicideprevention #endbullying #stopbullying #instamemorials #bullying #bullyingawareness

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and 13-year old Rosalie Avila http://bit.ly/2AtN14R ( they even bullied her after her death)

After being bullied by her middle school peers for two years, 13-year-old Rosalie Avila of Yucaipa, California tragically tried to take her life on Tuesday, Nov. 28th. She was taken to hospital and removed from life support on Friday, Dec. 1, 2017. . Rosalie left behind a letter apologizing and mentioned that she was "ugly" and a "loser." The school was aware of Rosalie's bullying and she had been in counseling, according to her aunt. Rosalie kept a journal of the people who hurt her and those who called her ugly and put her down, according to her mother. . Her parents said their daughter would often cut her wrists. "I remember a couple nights she'd come home, telling me that the kids are calling her names about her teeth. I go, 'You have braces, honey, don't worry. The braces are going to come off,' and she said, 'Yeah, but my teeth are straight and they're still making fun of me,'" her father said. . Then, on Tuesday, Rosalie hanged herself. "That's a vision you never want to see from your daughter in her bedroom," her mother said. “We had her in counseling, but I really feel like social media is such a big thing on kids," her mother added. "I think kids don't have the maturity to handle it." . Rosalie's emotional father had a message for people everywhere. "Think about what you say before you say it because your words are going to hurt somebody," Freddie Avila said, in tears. . Rosalie was described as a loving and warm individual who was a great artist and always got good grades. Her family said she loved the snow as much as she loved the beach and enjoyed singing. Her dream was to become a lawyer so she could make the world a better place. Be at peace Rosalie… 💜 #rosalieavila #riprosalie #riprosalieavila #stopbullying #endbullying #instamemorials #bullyingawareness #suicideawareness #suicideprevention #bullyinghurts

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It is sad that this little boy was bullied but even worst that his parent is racist and trying to scam the internet. The go Fund me accept is still going strong and more celebrities continue to repost.


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