#TeaChatLive Episode 4 Harvey Weinstein is a Creeper!!

Tonight on #TeaChatLive 8pm

Harvey Weinstein-Live audio leaked😷😷 (oh and his work contract allows sexual harassment)

Nene Leaks crying and apologizing & dropped from the tour😒🤔🤔

And you have to stay tuned for the rest
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I’m alone tonight so if you want to get on let me know

You can follow Tea Chat live every week and weekend on Facebook. Just follow the Hashtag and we are there!!.

I take different host so if you want to be apart of the show let me know.



This weeks Co-host is a graphic designer and you can find her work online and instagram.

Check out her website here–> http://www.dexte-denim.com




(I am aware that some of the videos lag in audio but that is due to Facebook and not our internet connection. When Facebook has a high volume of live videos on Facebook the sound packages tend to move slow or lag. )


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