The EMP is REAL-FAKE, with origins reaching back to 1962

We are pretty used to the spam messages on Facebook and the chain letters we get sent to our inbox. Today is the day I have to turn a dumb viral story into something that has some facts in it. I hope you are prepared because I did some digging online and in some archives. I spent a lot of time laughing but also feeling sorry for people who have the urge to believe things from sources that aren’t credible. The following information is all facts and all links to sources are listed at the bottom.

Now let’s Break it down.

Two women on Facebook make a claim about the world being wiped out and the DOD isn’t telling us. Here is the video.

The women claim that this will be like the movie, Geostorm and that the government is not telling us because they don’t want us to panic. They also claim that it is on the Department of Defense’s website, they watched a video on Youtube, and there was a press conference. They tell viewers that their power will go out and no electronics will work. For one moment of sanity, the girl admits that she may sound like a conspiracy theorist, but continues with this idea. The video urges people to go to the store now and purchase food and supplies to survive for two days without power. The worst part of the video is they tell people that they will die in three days if they don’t follow their directions.  They end the video claiming another blackout will happen on November 16th for fifteen days and telling people to get their ammo ready. You can watch the video above.

The video is about nine minutes long. It has received over 4 million views and has reached some news outlets.

If you are smart, then you would first ask yourself a few questions. Who are these women? Where did they get their information? Why should I believe them? What makes them credible? Well, I went to the Department of Defense website. Nothing there. I searched for this press conference to no avail. Let’s just say, when this goes even more viral and it is found that this is NOT true. I wouldn’t doubt if the Federal Government pops up at their door.

How is this FAKE Deprina?

Let’s hop over to Google to see if any other articles mention this, let’s check archives, and let’s see if this has ever been mentioned in the history of the internet. That is where most people get their info and these ladies pretty much watched one too many Youtube videos. Snopes is the first site that comes up. This site does research into fake stories and theories that are found online. Here are a few screen grabs.

You can also read the full site here  and the guy who started the craze here

You can also read the full site here  and the guy who started the craze here

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Just to summarize this up for you. This all started with a guy who went on a rant after a long day of work and being completely tired-his words. Someone took his video about a civil war and mixed it will information about this drill. The drill itself is something that they do every year to test radio frequencies in case of an event. It is a training exercise that tests our communications systems in the case that something bad could happen. The created, FAKE, unreal event (hence these words) is meant to train people. The EMP DRILL It is a low-level test that will not harm anyone or anything.  It is a test to determine what measures need to be corrected, deleted or added if an actual EMP has to be launched or is launched towards the United States. No one knows what kind of effects EMP can have on anything that is why they keep doing these FAKE, CREATED, DRILLS, SCENARIOS. (pay attention to keywords people)

Source- Michigan Headlines  more resources-EMP scaring people for 20 years

Now let’s take it back a little bit. Why is there a drill for EMP and why is this a conversation? Well, it goes all the way back to 1962! Yeah, you know back when people thought everything was about the Russians coming to get us and racism ran rampant. (oh that kind sound like 2017 too) You know what I mean.

Electromagnetic pulse is a real phenomenon, though many scientists consider it yesteryear’s concern. It came to light in July 1962 when the American military detonated a hydrogen bomb high above the Pacific. In Hawaii, street lights suddenly went out.

The riddle got little direct investigation because in 1963 the superpowers agreed to end all but underground detonations of nuclear arms. But theoretical studies continued, and worries rose over the decades as electronic circuits became ever more sophisticated and fragile. -Source-The New York Times

So because one street light went out in 1962 a complete doomsday story developed from this idea. I found tweets that go far back as 2009 that mention EMP scares every year. In fact, it is said that these claims about an EMP attack are created often during campaigns to get more funds for the department of defense. Look at it like this. If you wanted more money to get a new laptop then you would tell your parents that, desktop computers are breaking down after 2 months, cell phones don’t go to real websites, and laptops are the best things since sliced bread. Your parent would know that was a lie because it sounds dumb as hell. The same goes for this EMP mess. If you want to find one person to blame for it all. I’d say that person is Newt Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich (wiki)

In a nutshell. Gingrich has been advocating this EMP attack theory for years. Scientists think he is a nut and some people actually believe him. He tried to use this EMP thing as something to get elected. He has created groups and organization all in the name of a false EMP scare in which he got the idea from a dam science fiction book. You’ll this shit is crazy. Don’t excuse my language. Head over to the New York Times article all about the history of Newt and his crazy stories to get funding for an event that is less likely to happen. Also, a second source that has been writing about his claims over the last 20 years. Among Gingrich’s Passion, a Doomsday Vision

(i) The Newt Bomb: How a pulp-fiction fantasy became a GOP weapons craze“, The New Republic, 3 June 2009


So in conclusion. Ain’t SHIT UP. In the words of Fox 2 News in Detroit- “Despite the assurances from both the DOD and protest organizers, online hysterics have continued. Yes, there will be protests; yes, there will be a DOD drill; no, you won’t lose power or cell phone service; yes, it will be safe to leave your home.” I had to write this blog post because there will be people who still don’t believe it even after the DOD has put out an explanation in full detail. Don’t listen to people online that can’t provide resources for more information. Let’s remember that the world is run by money and if the government was really about to do something like this please understand that even one day without power in one state would cost the US millions of dollars that they don’t want to lose. At the end of the day, follow the money, do research and stop bothering all your dam friends with this crap and fake news websites.




Still don’t believe me here are some more sources which are more than two random girls on a Facebook Live can give you.

NEWS: Conspiracy claims The Atlantic  Medium

North Korea Wired

Remember they claimed there was a press conference? Yeah that was about Telling North Korea to stop claiming something they can’t do. HERE


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