I wrote this poem 13 Years ago and it is still online.

“Playing the field day in day out, running game with a smile is what you’re about.
You know she wants you, at least that’s what you thought. It’s those shoes, that watch, and that car you bought.
Guys know better than to mistake you for a lame, because it only takes you two seconds to grab and aim.
Feeling as good as you look every day, “That’s my man”, is what girls wish they could say.
Looks like you got all the answers and the best advice.
Yeah, we all know you can act like you’re nice.
Just let me end this while you stay the same, because most of these details are your claim to fame.”


I wrote this poem 13 years ago and every year I Google myself it is still there. There was a point in my life where I was in a complicated relationship with a dope dealer and I was young and dumb. The only way I could express my feelings was through poems. I wrote about 43 poems with the hope of making a love poem book. I never got around to it but today I have other ways of expressing myself thanks to social media.

This is proof that once you put something on the internet it pretty much stays there.

Today, I feel like I lost the ability to write poetry but sometimes I have my moments.



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