People are being Forced to Stand up for the National Anthem!!

The Diocese of Rockville Centre warned their three high schools on Long Island that students or fans kneeling or protesting during the national anthem before games or other school events could face​ “serious disciplinary action.”

According to an article in the New York Post

Whoa! So They want to force not only students but any guest at their games to stand up or get in trouble. I can see it now. Someone kneels and the security guards come in and drag them out. Are people nuts? Are people forgetting that this is a America? Just because you feel that something is disrespectful doesn’t mean that you have to force every single person to see your ideas. This has to be the craziest thing I ever heard in my life. This kind of reminds me of how the North Korea government makes them practice one religion, don’t allow females to cut their hair or wear pants.

What ever your beliefs are when it comes to the kneeling protests we must not forget that one of the main rights as Americans is to be able to have the freedom to stand or sit, kneel or exercise during the national anthem. Isn’t this what the vets fought for? People really think that they can take that right from you?

This is crazy!! Even worst it is Catholic schools in Long Island forcing this upon people.

Read more here



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