ISSA NO for Megan Kelly

Today completes the week for Megan Kelly’s first week on NBC. We heard about her moving to NBC months ago to pursue this show “Megan Kelly Today”, but I find it hard to get in with a show that could have easily been a better suit for someone else.

I’m all for girl power but let me explain what they meant by Kelly not being a “woman’s woman”  but more of a “man’s woman”. She is not the person you can seem friendly with as a female. Of course we don’t know her personally but we only can make an assumption from TV. Trust the whole blonde hair isn’t the reason because we loved some Jenny Hones back in the day boo.


This week alone gave a great example of it. This new show and on a new network is nothing like her previous job so “coming for” the celebrity guess is not a good look. This is the type of stuff we expect from Wendy Williams because she spills tea and is in everyone’s business.

Kelly claims that this show is supposed to be for every one and in the first week she made a jab at gay people, basically suggesting that they choose to be gay because of a show, and asking a over 50 celebrity about plastic surgery. You want to have future guests. You want people to watch  your show and not just because you want to see what outrageous stuff Kelly will say to her guest.

According to reports, in the first week two of her guess have already had a sour taste in their mouth about appearing on the Megan Kelly Today show. We can only hope that it get’s better. I really want to like her but I more see her as a mean girl and head cheerleader than the student council president that everyone can relate to.

You can read more about this topic in the Washington Post 

What made Jane Fonda a little pissed?


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