Italian Americans in Massapequa upset over removal of Christopher Columbus Statues


New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio is putting together a plan to figure out which statues around the city  have a controversial past. The Christopher Columbus statues in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle is one of them. Some people in Long Island aren’t happy about it.

“You don’t want it, we’ll take it here,” said Joseph Saladino, the supervisor of the Town of Oyster Bay.

Several Italian American groups are upset about Mr. de Blasio’s plan. Columbus remains a hero to them. They issued a news release demanding that he and other mayors across the nation not remove their statues.

“Removing the Christopher Columbus statue is a slight against Italian-Americans,” said Frank Gatto, a member of the Sons of Italy Lodge.

Last month a Columbus statue was defaced inside Central Park. Many of the leaders in the Massapequa community feel that the statues will be safer there. They have already decided on a area for the statues.


What’s your take on it? Do  you think that the Columbus statues should be left alone or should all these monuments be destroyed?

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