Synthetic Marijuna found in Long Island, sold at a convenience store



Three people have been arrested at the US Food Mart in Medford. They were selling K2, an illegal drug over the counter.

Authorities say they seized nearly 1,000 packets of K2 in connection with sales made at the US Food Mart on Route 112 in Medford.

K2 is a synthetic form of marijuana. It is a hallucinogen and its unpredictable side-effects are considered harmful to the community. Full Story

K2 has been around since about 2008. Although it resembles marijuana it is nothing like it. It can kill you faster than most well know drugs. This is definitely a thing you don’t want to experiment with unless you want to experience death. Myrtle and Wykoff intersection in Brooklyn, an area that local news site DNA Info has reported is the epicenter of the epidemic in the city, often called “K2 Heaven” by locals. The creator of the drug compares smoking the drug to playing “Russian roulette.” According to a article posted in the Rolling Stone.



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