Popovich: “We still have no clue what being born WHITE means”

If you are like me, meaning you keep up with everything that is going on in the news, then you know what the hot topics have been this year. Trump, kneeling, racism, hurricanes, and Kardashians. Yeah I said it. The only fact that doesn’t need to get reported by the news is people don’t like to be uncomfortable.

“Yes, because you were born white you have advantages”

Greg Popovich is an award winning top coach of the Spurs. He has been known recently for being outspoken about 45.(Trump) A few weeks ago a sports show host, Jemele Hill, spoke out about the president on her show. People lost their minds over it and wanted her to get fired. I think ESPN actually considered it. Crazy enough, here you have someone doing the same thing and the only difference is that he is a basketball coach and white. ¬†Racism is not something that will ever disappear in this world. That is a fact. Racist raise kids and only half of those are embarrassed by their parents and don’t pass on the hate gene. Any way…..

His recent press conference speech, as I like to call it, showed me that if there is going to be anyone that speaks out about injustices in America it has to be a white man. It seems to be the only time they stop and listen. Why this man so woke?

” People want to hold their position…… People don’t want to give that up”

Everything that was said in this video is something we, African Americans, have known our whole life. We weren’t taught it in school but we witnessed it in our history books. We were told about this type of stuff at a early age because we saw ¬†discrimination in schools and in public. Race is a every day conversation among us because we don’t have the advantage of ignoring it.

Now we have people saying get out this country if you don’t want to kneel for a flag. At what point did anyone in the military say that standing for a flag honored them. You know how you honor our Military. Make sure they have healthcare, make sure they have all the help they need in abundance when they come home, be sure to comfort the disabled ones and mentally unstable ones. They sacrificed for you and not a flag. The flag didn’t help give you freedom those soldiers did.


What do you think of the latest Popovich video posted to Facebook??


One thought on “Popovich: “We still have no clue what being born WHITE means”

  1. I enjoyed this piece…and quite naturally people like to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to issues that matter. But they will only feel it, when it begins to affect them.
    This man spoke up…now let’s see if his words have the ability to touch hearts


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