Fenty Beauty: Review

I recently got into makeup. I have never put make up on until I reached my 30’s. I never felt the need to cover up my face to look beautiful and I always had good skin. Now rewind to 2017. Baby!!! This old girl need some coverage in her life.

Rihanna recently released a new make up line called Fenty Beauty. Fenty being her surname. She got every banana, brown, and black girl around the glob looking like golden trophies okay! For me I am more of a foundation queen. I keep about 8 foundations in my collection because like deodorant I don’t think you should wear the same brand every day. I decided to add a little Fenty foundation to my collection and her new lip gloss. Check out my video below to see if it was worth all the hype?

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longer Foundation $34
Match Stix Trio $54
Retouch Primer $32
Gloss bomb universal lip $18
Foundation brush $34

Well the internet had a lot to say about Riri’s new line:


You can try Fenty Beauty for yourself. Check it out online at Sephora 


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