Racist Woman gets Beat down, video goes viral

I was roaming my social media as I always do, reading the news and making comments on status updates. You will come across at least one video a day that will either make you crack the hell up or piss you off. This brings me to the video of a white lady getting beat by another white lady. It isn’t because of a man and these aren’t teens. It isn’t until you here “Racist” yelled out to one of the ladies that you think, “Oh is this a lil social justice’.

Before the start of the video, which made its way to social media on Wednesday, the woman in the blue dress apparently said something racist about Haitians to Colleen Dagg, the woman who handed out the ass whooping. After the woman in the blue dress gets into Dagg’s face and hits her, Dagg pops off as hotel employees look on. (Source)(Colleen Dagg)

In 2017, we record everything that happens rather it is for evidence or entertainment. Colleen Dagg was clearly defending herself after this lady, who can clearly see that she is being recorded, hit her in the face. In what world do you think that you aren’t going to get beat down for getting in a stranger’s face. Soon as the police walk in she immediately plays victim, (of course) and says that she is three months pregnant. *Insert face palm emoji *insert side eye emoji lol You weren’t concerned about this baby when you started the fight. She got that face beat in and she fell victim to her own dum-osity.

Of course this sparked her to create two social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, which is what you do when there is a viral video of you because all the blogs want to talk to you. Judging by the footage and the child posted on her Twitter account, she is most likely in an interracial relationship. She let that lady know that she was the Right one!! lol

Featured Image: From Dagg’s instagram


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