Who Is Maxine Waters? Why She was able to & RECLAIM her Time

You’re probably going to wake up Sunday morning with a song in your heart. That song is going to be the viral hit, “Reclaiming my Time”. Now, you know why you are singing it but you don’t understand what Maxine repeated it so many times. It is a rule that has been apart of congress for years. If you are going to speak to anyone in congress then I suggest you do a Google search of the rules and what is not allowed on the floor.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.42.15 PMIf a Member would like to ask a question of another Member who is speaking or make a comment, he or she should address the Chair and say: “Mr. Chairman (or Madam Chairman), will the gentleman from California yield to me?” If the gentleman wishes to yield, he may do so at his discretion and must remain standing while the other Member speaks. The gentleman who has yielded may at any time “reclaim” his time and then the other Member must stop speaking and allow him to continue. A Member to whom time has been yielded cannot yield time to another Member unless he or she is the Member controlling his or her side’s debate time.

C-Span and other networks have been recording these public meetings for years. We know they happen but I think that people have not been this interested in politics since the 60’s. We usually skip pass all those government and public access channels and act all surprised when some law has passed because we haven’t been paying attention. Today, we have so many media outlets looking for the next viral video. Views are what makes money to at some point you are going to run out of the funny videos then start making the serious videos that matter. If it wasn’t for these videos most of us wouldn’t even know who Maxine Waters is. She is not new honey she been in congress for over 25 years.

She is more than just a meme or a figure for the racist radio host to rag on. You knew that was coming. They hate to see a black woman in Congress speaking up. The first thing they do is attack their hair or features. Yet (confused emojis) none of these men are “lookers” themselves.

Bill O’Reilly said he wouldn’t listen to California lawmaker Maxine Waters because of her hair, another insanely racist and derogatory Fox clip emerges showing Eric Bolling telling the Congresswoman, on air, to “step away from the crack pipe.” Source


Ms. Waters is one of twelve black women in congress right now. Serving the state of California since 1991, she has been dealing in public service positions since the 70’s. The two things she probably hates the most is Donald Trump and the Iraq War. She was most notable for demanding the resumption of vital services to Watts and delivery of relief supplies when the riots broke out in L.A back in 1992. In a PBS special with Ms. Waters, she described the riots as a rebellion, saying “If you call it a riot it sounds like it was just a bunch of crazy people who went out and did bad things for no reason. I maintain it was somewhat understandable, if not acceptable. 

So she may be everyone’s Auntie now because you see her so much on your time line but the fact is she been doing this and there are a lot of political pundits that don’t like her for it. You will surely see more from her in the future. Don’t think she is doing this for the views because you’ll know we have a few people we know who act just like her.


Read more about Ms. Waters at Ballot-Podia 


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