Trans Folks are Not JOKES

The internet has been going crazy this week about the Breakfast Club host making jokes with comedian lil Duval about how he would murder a trans woman.  People want to chop it up and say that the Trans community is being sensitive. You’re weak. In what situation is murdering anybody a joke? It is people out here really killing trans women and going to jail. That is not funny in any way, shape, or form.

None. It was nearly 20 years ago that Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered in Wyoming because he was gay:

“On October 6, 1998, two young men in Laramie, Wyoming, tricked University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard into thinking they would give him a ride home from the bar. Eighteen hours later, a cyclist found the gay student tied to a fence, beaten, burned, and comatose with a fractured skull.”-ACLU

Candlelight Vigil For Slain Gay Wyoming Student Matthew Shepard NBC News

In 2017 there seems to be a lot of history repeating itself with riots, protest, and police killing black people. You can sit and joke about killing someone after finding out they are trans. If the first thing that comes to your mind is murder then, I can only assume that is your first answer to most situations. Girl takes off her weave, You gonna kill her? Find out her breast are fake, you gonna kill her? You see how dumb that sounds?? People really need to educate themselves on these topics before they speak.

Man stabs Trans woman 119 times, sentenced to 40 years 

A trans person is not just ” a man in a wig”, no that is those men on instagram trying to be funny. That is a joke. There are trans kids, teenagers and adults that are walking this earth every day feeling like they were born in the wrong body. You can’t just dismiss this. You weren’t deceived you didn’t ask. If it really mattered to you then you would have asked. Plain and simple

Jane Mook
Janet Mock Responds to Lil Duval’s ‘Joke’ on The Breakfast Club About Killing Black Trans Women

When I was in my twenties, every guy I ever dated or was in a relationship with I asked them. Do you have feeling for men? Do you get aroused by men? Do you like both sex? Each and every time I got the truth back. It mattered to me that I knew what I was dealing with. There were a few yes’s and a few no’s.  This topic is to deep to go into and I don’t h ave time to tell grown-ups how to NOT be Murders and educate  yourself on certain topics you are confused about.

(don’t use religion as a cop-out because I am Christian and praise the lord daily. I didn’t see any where in the Bible where God said you can judge and murder)

Being attracted to trans woman doesn’t make you gay. NEVER WILL. You’re attracted to a beautiful face, woman feature and woman body parts. That is not what gay men are attracted to so please tell me how does that make you gay?



If anything i have said is misunderstood or said wrong please feel free to correct me.


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