Cardi B: It’s Space at the Top for Everybody

Here’s the thing, everyone loves a underdog and for me, that is how I see Cardi B. Born Belcalis Almanzar, her real name is about as unique as her talent. The 24 year old rapper is a real chick coming straight out of the Bronx, running through “Love and Hip Hop” and straight into main stream radio. When I first heard Cardi B say that she wanted to work on her music the first thing I thought was, ” here is another love and hip hop wanna be artist”. Turns out-Cardi B was the shit!! It doesn’t hurt that she is super funny just being herself. If the rapper life don’t work for her I would be the first in line to see any movie or stand up starring here. I have this one major problem though. Why is it that every time a new women rapper steps on the scene they all have to compete or be compared to Nicki Minaj? I can name 10 rappers right now that equally make enough money to survive. The Freshman Class cover a about a month ago only added one female to the bunch. It is no secret that women in the rap industry are either a Cardi B type or a Young M.A type.

2017 SXSW Conference And Festivals

There is space on top for everybody. I can like Nicki Minaj, Love me some Cardi B and rock hard to Young M.A. On a Good day, I’ll add some lil Kim and Remy Ma. There is space at the top for all of them. You ever seen on billionaire? (we’ll not seen ’em but at least googled) You ever seen one black actor? No You haven’t but for some reason the world of music lovers is so hell bent on only allowing one woman rapper or singer at the top. They all can shine, glow, sparkle and chime together. To think about it, you never see this stuff with lil pop stars? (Inserts confused emoji right here)

Who is Cardi B? FADER

Cardi B is coming for ya’ll playlist! She dropped six mix tapes in 6 months please tell who is working hard as her? Kodak Yellow is my clean up song, my work out song and my put-on-my-face song. There is room at the top for all these women so go ahead and add it to your play list.

Cardi B- Bodak Yellow



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Retrieved: Aug 1 2017


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