The Pri Party’s First Official Interview with Junes Diary on Bulls Radio


17904419_1687702068198980_7303512945057126772_nIf you have kept up with what has been going on in the music world then you should know exactly who June’s Diary is. This is a group of five girls put together by the legendary Kelly Roland. I was too too excited to get them in the studio with me. being a college student I think it is a great opportunity to be able to get an up and coming group to come on your college radio show. It gave me practice for future shows and I am hoping that doing things like this will help me to start the career I want one day.

Check out the interview below. Find out what were the girls doing before they became June’s diary and how they feel about what people have to say about them going on tour with R. Kelly!! This was an awesome interview and a little weird to be in the studio with their whole crew. These girls are down to earth and so real. I felt like they were all my friends by the end. Shout out to Sean Woods for bringing them to USF!!!


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