Stop Sexualizating EVERYTHING

Photo: Ciara’s Twitter and Harper Bizarre

I am sure you see have this picture all over the internet. For me, I have seen more men having a problem with it than women. Let’s have a critical thinking moment. Why do you see this as sexual? Are there sexual acts happening.? Do  you see private areas or exposed, maybe even touching?? I don’t Maybe in 2017 with all the thing we see on TV and in the news we have lost the idea of what art is. The human body in in shape or form is art. It is God’s art. So why would you take a piece of art like this and make as if it was a bad thing. Do you not see the symbolism in this picture. This is what I see.

A woman with her Husband. The man is holding her us. his face is not visual because the focal point is the woman. She is bonding with her child. Him being bare says that in his bare form no matter what she will always love him. This is a bonding moment. This is a family photo. Of course critics had something to say.

The 31-year-old singer posed for a topless pic, while it’s not clear what Russell is wearing and her baby with Future is naked and Ciara’s baby bump is on display.

Ciara also gushed about her romance with the NFL and how he’s excited for both their baby and her album.

“When you know they’re going to be your champion, always in the corner…” she says. (Bravo)


One thought on “Stop Sexualizating EVERYTHING

  1. I thought it was beautiful. It was about motherhood. I thought that his hands on her belly represented that man created life while women carried life. She was carrying her son and the belly.


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