Monday, January 16, 2017 is the day we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Many people may look at it as just another day off but to many people across the United States will be celebrating by upholding some of the values in honer of him.

Strengthen Communities
Empower Individuals
Justice for All
Live your Purpose

With all the crazy stuff with the election, don’t let things change you as a person. On this day find some activities in your area that will allow you to give back and live your purpose.

Today I joined Stampede of Service with my fellow students at USF. We were all up at the crack of dawn to go help out in the Tampa community. For the first time ever I helped put together plots in a community garden, some students painted community centers, visited with elders, and cleaned up parks. Why ever you do for the holiday make it count!!

The purpose of SOS is to get students involved! Even though this is a one-day event, students receive the resources necessary to continue participating in community service on a constant basis. Students are encouraged to check out other Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement (CLCE) community service events and continue to keep the spirit of service and Martin Luther King Jr. alive.

SOS serves more than 60 different organizations in the Tampa Bay community, volunteering with:
Senior citizens, the environment, youth, homelessness, poverty, women’s issues, education, and many more.


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