I was asked to comment on this topic for Open Mic Rochester. Check it out below.

#ASKOM: Is Whiteface really a thing?

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#ASKOM: …On Twitter, there was a user (oranicuhh) who had her account suspended for supposedly using whiteface. I just recently learned yellowface really is and I’d like to be sensitive if I’m going to demand sensitivity. – Name withheld, 19th Ward

Hell nah and don’t let these racists tell you any different.

Let’s just jump right into this topic. I am not here for white tears, and you shouldn’t be either. The unoppressed are always trying to find a way to make themselves feel better about what some of their ancestors have done by calling things racist when it is then done towards a non-minority. First, let me explain why stuff like whiteface and reverse racism doesn’t exist.—>>Read more here!



What’s your opinion??


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