A video has gone viral of Coby Persin (@coby_persin) posing on a car on a busy NYC street before a man with a bat takes out his road rage on the windshield. Is it fake? Did he deserve it? People have strong opinions.



Was he crazy or were you all just being ass holes? Think about it, it is New York city and you are stopped in the street. Did you have permits? any orange cones up? I don’t see any in the Picture do you think he deserved it?

Sound off:

Lol @ you blocking traffic and expecting folks to be ok with it.. In New York of ALL places

Ah, New York. “You fuck with people trying to get where they need to go and they will fuck with you right back.”

Just like all the fake news we see now aways, people do fake viral videos too. This just maybe one of them.


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