Ya’ll I am so obsessed with this new internet challenge. I love anything that can take my mind off the election. I spent about 3 hours yesterday reposting and watching each video that I searched by hash tags. You can image how excited I was when I found out that my school actually was doing it to. First I seen the football team, then the dinning hall and then I heard about groups on campus doing one. Randomly they, meaning the person with the $10,000 camera, cam in my production room and shot us while we were doing scripts.

So far the best ones I have seen were the one for Black Lives matter, Blac Chyne giving birth and Finally Paul Mcartney. That is the most significant because he is a a member of the actually Beatles band from the 1960’s and the song that you play during this challenge is called “Black Beatles”

I finally got to personally be involved in this one and turn it into a mini add for my Florida Focus class. Check it out.

I don’t care what any one says because this was the best. This is how a college news room operates.

Of course I searched high and low for some of the best ones for you so check them out below.

Young and Old, Companies and World Wide!! 

Black Live Matter

Colleges and High schools


Kids (ya’ll know they can’t stay still)




You can find the official Facebook page and Twitter for all the #Mannequinchallenges and laugh your ass off!!!


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