This political season is a touchy subject for everyone. I usually try to stay out of the conversation but I feel like sometimes people like to force it on me as if they need me to validate them. Here is the fact. I am not for either candidate 100%. I am completely bias when it comes to politics. The only leaders I feel truly affect the locals are voting for your school boards, mayors, and state representatives. It has been proven that in the last 8 years people in congress can make it very hard for a president to do all that he or she wants. That being said I plan to go with the less of two evils. Someone who won’t grab me by the pussy because he has money.

I needed to say this because my dad decided he needed to send me this video:

It’s must be noted that anytime you are not for a certain candidate you will believe what ever you want if it aligns with those views. Yes, my dad is all for Trump. I love him to death but know how misogynist he is and know first hand how he treats women. I can only conclude that his dreams of being a rich business man is his only reason that he is voting for Trump. Just to think, when I was growing up I thought that his yelling at Rush Limbaugh and Fox News was anger but at 31 years old I found out all this time he was agreeing. Fox news unfortunately is mostly editorial news and not investigative actual news. Only from the local stations you will get real news. Let me continue.

This is the Real video is posted here on CNN Politics ( a real live news source)


This was her actually talking to Black Lives Matters and listening to what they had to say. Watch the video on CNN. Clearly the first Youtube video is a fake.

How Sway Prina? Well the actual voice they decided to dub over this video cam from the Steve Harvey show. That sound bit is here. I know because I actually seen the real video live and listen to the Steve Harvey show live. So I knew immediately it was fake and a few googles later I can show smart people how fake it really is with the receipts. Here is that video ( I started at 7:40ish because that is the part where they dubbed her voice)

“Hillary Clinton speaks to Steve Harvey on his morning radio program about “speaking directly to white people” about racism.” Read more on the conversation HERE

Now when people make fake stories and fake videos this is how lies get spread. This is how people don’t trust the media. Everything you see online is not news that has been recorded or reported by actual college educated journalist and reporters. Many are bloggers that like to change news to fit their views and beliefs. That is taking ethics out of news ,therefore it is not news people.

Let me say that again for the people in the back.

“When you have removed the ethics out of reporting the news, it is no longer NEWS-it is gossip, it is editorials. “

I don’t care who you vote for this season but as long as you go out and vote. Be informed and read the small print on these ballots because in most states we are not just voting for president but other amendments and laws to be passed.

If you want to know more about FAKE NEWS check Snopes.com. If you are unsure as to rather news is fake or not, go to the bottom of the page and read who started the site, what company it is for, and what are the suggested stories.

Here is how you look up website info: https://www.register.com/whois.rcmx

Here is a list of every Fake news site (and counting) http://www.fakenewswatch.com

Here is the difference:


Fake/Hoax News sites are satire sites that are not funny.  They are an attempt to play on gullible people who do not check sources and will just pass the news on as if it were really true.


Satire websites are sites that make fun of the news.  The stories are typically over the top and meant to be funny.  The most famous satire site is The Onion.


Clickbait websites are sites that take bits of true stories but insinuate and make up other details to sew fear. Most of these are conspiratorial in nature are very unreliable.


Picture source: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com


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