Mariah Carey: I need a inconvenience fee

Don’t we all wish we all could charge our ex’s a inconvenience fee? Well when it comes to messing with Mariah Carey you better make your choices wisely. She recently broke up with her fiance over the fact that she did not want to sign a preNUP!! . Well That is the one thing I am glad I don’t have to worry about as a non-rich person.

New details surrounding the very expensive split between Mariah Carey and her former fiancé, James Packer, have emerged. A source tells ET that the Australian businessman was so eager to wed the GRAMMY winner by March that he was willing to do almost anything.

Prior to their breakup, the former couple had been discussing a prenup, according to sources, but nothing was ever signed.

You already rich and you are charging dudes a fee for breaking up with you. LOL

If she isn’t a diva, then I don’t know who is. She better shake him off though

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