The Pri Party will be doing a dedication to the super iconic pop star this week on ” The Pri Party”  With her new baby on the way, you will see more stories in the news about Janet. Mover over Kim K and watch out Beyhive because the mother of all great music is coming back to take her rightful place.

Few artists are as singular as Janet Jackson. Over a 34-year recording career, the pop star has sold over 26 million albums in the U.S., scored five Grammys, notched 10 No. 1 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 (one of the most for a female artist ever), crafted some of the MTV Generation’s most memorable music videos—all while fashioning herself as a cultural icon who broke down barriers of race and sexuality in America and who continues to make killer records today. In honor of Miss Janet’s 50th birthday, let me know what are your favorite songs??

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1. What Have You Done for Me Lately Control 4:44
2. Nasty Control 4:03
3. When I Think of You Control 3:57
4. Control Control 5:53
5. Let’s Wait Awhile” (Single Remix Version)
  • Janet Jackson
  • Harris
  • Lewis
  • Melanie Andrews
Control 4:37
6. The Pleasure Principle Monte Moir Control 4:14
7. Diamonds” (with Herb Alpert)
  • Harris
  • Lewis
Keep Your Eye on Me 4:53
8. Miss You Much
  • Harris
  • Lewis
Rhythm Nation 1814 4:12
9. Rhythm Nation Rhythm Nation 1814 5:31
10. Escapade Rhythm Nation 1814 4:44
11. Alright” (7″ Video Version with Rap) Rhythm Nation 1814 4:59
12. Come Back to Me Rhythm Nation 1814 5:36
13. Black Cat” (Video Mix/Short Solo Single Album) Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation 1814 4:31
14. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
  • Harris
  • Lewis
Rhythm Nation 1814 4:35
15. The Best Things in Life Are Free” (with Luther Vandross, BBD and Ralph Tresvant) Mo’ Money soundtrack 4:36
16. That’s the Way Love Goes


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