Hooks Ce’Aira · 26:05 So Lil Wayne and his Baby momma came out with a book at the same time?!??
Rebecca A. Nostrant · 14:10 I am slap wore out. Been gone for about fifteen hours. Wedding day for my friend’s daughter. Goodnight 💤


Rebecca A. Nostrant · 0:16 I can’t hear you because Dos Gatos is too noisy. Ttyl


Lacasa Godboldo · 22:39 Hey ceairaaaaassss


Lacasa Godboldo · 8:09 U not alone


Sharia McGee · 18:12 Go girl


Marcus Craig · 59:05 Hey Prina! * sorry I missed it… Love you!!


Hooks Ce’Aira · 35:53 I like this


Lacasa Godboldo · 8:40 Me too


Lacasa Godboldo · 7:51 Heyyyy i got stoood up


Hooks Ce’Aira · 33:37 That is low


Rebecca A. Nostrant · 0:07 Hey Deprina


Hooks Ce’Aira · 28:00 He so weak


Hooks Ce’Aira · 23:11 It froze


Rebecca A. Nostrant · 1:51 It’s 2:00 for me right now.


Lacasa Godboldo · 22:57 Aleroooooo


M Lewis Bass · 1:11 Love the t shirt


Deprina Godboldo · 0:00 Thank you to everyone for Commenting and watching and sharing I appreciate it. The max views got to 17!!!


Pamela Williams · 0:00 2fists up!


Hooks Ce’Aira · 27:36 She was talking about Tamar Braxton and how she was blocking toya from coming on the show.


Hooks Ce’Aira · 34:03 Drake himself is prob worth 50-100 million


Hooks Ce’Aira · 27:40 I know I saw a little bit of the show!


Hooks Ce’Aira · 28:24 “The real”


Hooks Ce’Aira · 26:38 Toya girl!


Hooks Ce’Aira · 25:05 I’m back


Lacasa Godboldo · 24:28 U lookin Pretty


Lacasa Godboldo · 25:03 I nvr knew words


Rebecca A. Nostrant · 0:00 It was a long one, no doubt!


Hooks Ce’Aira · 22:16 Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee!



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