Ok guys I am back for the fall 2016 semester and this time around I have developed a new show in collaboration with King Unique,host of Stampede radio. The new show is all about old school music, reminiscing when music was great and of course a front seat to the back and fourth conversation between me and Unique.

How is this show different?

This show will play all songs the you loved between 1979 and 2005. The songs that you feel in love to or grew up on. It also gives listeners and inside listen on the conversations between me and King Unique. Opposite personalities but chasing the same same dream of working in radio one day. Unique is from Orlando and Mrs. Prina dean is from Detroit.

Why might you love this show?

You can listen in to The Get Down every week on Thursdays at 6p.m that is the perfect time to hook that AUX cord up to your radio while you are stuck in traffic. Laugh and chime in by calling in to the station at 81.974.9285 We never put you on hold we go straight to your calls and see what you have to say!!! Holla at us


Check out our first show as we talk about Get favors and rather or not you should court a woman or vice versa.


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