What can I say. It has happened again. This is just getting to be too much, but you can’t ignore it- You can’t NOT say nothing. Why Just Why? Thank God for technology because if this is happening now-imagine the shit that was going on before cameras ‪#‎justimagine‬

What can we do? What is the solution and do our leaders even care?

There are plenty ways that death can be avoided. No I am not a police officer but on the surface, anybody can see how the recent events could have been avoided. Two men had Alton pinned down, yet they didn’t have the patience to calm him down-They needed to shoot him more than once in his chest. He wasn’t a super hero, He wasn’t magical, he was a human. These two police officers could have punched him in the face, slapped him, punched him in the neck, kicked him in the chest, or even beat him in the face with the pistol. To shoot him more than once was over kill plan and simple.

CNN Blurb:

A homeless man made the 911 call that brought police to the convenience store where Alton Sterling was shot dead, a senior law enforcement official told CNN on Thursday.

Sterling was selling CDs outside the Triple S Food Mart early Tuesday in Baton Rouge, the official said, when the homeless man approached him and asked for money.
The man was persistent, and Sterling showed him his gun, the official said.
“I told you to leave me alone,” Sterling told the man, according to the official. Read more here: CNN
I guess if you don’t give homeless people money, then they will call the police to murder you. Shot 6 times-WOW

Eyewitness: The store owner with no agenda. He also gave his video to the news station before giving it to the police.

Alton Sterling’s Death: Warning Graphic



People keep saying he had a gun. So do that mean you deserve to die?

People keep saying he had a record. These police didn’t know that man.

The police yelled he got a gun. He pulled something deep out his cargo pocket after they killed him. I guess ex-ray vision is a thing.

I woke up this morning and another black man is killed by a police officer on Facebook during a traffic stop. Please tell me- If you tell me to get my ID, why would you shoot me thinking I was getting a gun? In a society where black men are already getting shot, why would anybody be pulling a gun out in front of his girl, in broad daylight. He is now gone.

feature Photo: http://www.ballerstatus.com/2016/07/07/deaths-alton-sterling/


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