Perspectives: What is Ramadan?

*This is a guest post. Meet Eaman, this is what Ramadan means for her.


BY Eaman A. Suleiman-Zayed

Ramadan marks the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims, such as myself, believe that the holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed, peace and blessings be upon him. During this month, Muslims abstain from drinking water, eating or lying. Basically it means that one tries their hardest to cleanse their souls from any sins, to try and be pure.
I have been fasting since I was seven years old, yes seven.
Fasting teaches patience, self-control and devotion to Allah (Allah is the Arabic word for God).
It’s a practice to teach all believers of the faith, what the paroxysms of hunger are like.
The objective of fasting is to instill the spirit of self-discipline from sins and of cultivation of virtue in man.
Ramadan is also the month of charity and giving.
The color of your skin did not matter, nor did the price tag of your clothes, nor the car that brought you in.
Ramadan is a month in which all Muslims take the opportunity to ask Allah, for His forgiveness.
Repentance of any sins committed, as one is kneeling on the ground with their arms raised gives the eyes, heart mind and soul a spiritual cleansing.
Growing up as a practicing Muslim, I would go with my father to the mosque for prayer.
I would watch all walks of life come together, side by side, shoulder to shoulder and join in prayer.
Ramadan to me is the cleansing of my soul. It is the time when I can raise my hands up to Allah and ask him to clear my mind, remove harm from my path and grant me with his blessings.
Food and water are a necessity in life, yet for the sake of Allah and Him to be pleased with me as a servant, these sacrifices are worth the while.

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