This is the most ridiculous case in the history of crime. For a judge to be so easy on a 20 year old rapist and then his father takes up for him is just nasty. I can only assume that his daddy is the same way. How can he call, what his son did, 20 minutes of action. ACTION?? really?? Action is taking a stand for what is right. Action is defending the weak. Action is protesting when you have been done wrong. Action is not rapping a woman in a alley while she is passed out. That is rape SIR!! If you want to get technical, then this little boy is on the border of being a Necrophiliac.

Since this judge thinks that a rapist’s life was more important than the woman he raped then he needs to be fired! Thank goodness things are already underway with that. He just put shame to all judges with that verdict.

I decided that since his dad thinks that 20 minutes of RAPE means that his son should be free I wonder what other crimes, because you know rape is a crime, can be committed in 20 minutes or less. I guess if it was 21 minutes then he think it would matter. *Pissed*

20. Road rage -5 minutes

19. Shooting- 15 seconds

18. Stabbing-1 minute

17. Robbing a liquor store- 10 minutes

16. Robbing a Victoria Secrets-2 minutes or less

15. Punching a bus driver-3 minutes

14. Shooting up a police station– 2:17 minutes

13. Killing a cat-3 minutes

12. Stealing a car- 90 seconds

11. Robbing a old lady on a NYC street-1 minute

10. Pissing on a Subway train-1 minute (depending)

9. looking at Child pornography- less than 20 minutes

8. Stealing money at your Job-30 seconds

7. Opening up someones mail- 5 minutes (depends on how much)

6. Smoking weed (where it’s not legal)-10 minutes (depending)

5. Selling crack to 4 dope heads – about 20 minutes

4. Dog fighting 1 round- 20 minutes (I assume)

3. Driving a car through a home- 2 minutes

2. cheating at the casino-2 minutes

  1. Oh and When you rape a life less body in an alley and use a foreign object- (according to his dad) about 20 minutes.

This story sounds oh too familiar to me. Remember the little boy who killed four people while he was drunk and fled to Mexico. If these kids parents think that they have normal kids, then something is truly wrong.  This judge is trying to save his life, yet, Brock Turner ended his life when he raped that woman.


See the full story here.



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