So I have been having a good summer so far, but it may be time for me to buckle down and start planning for this wedding. You will get more news on that soon. This year for memorial day weekend we went to check out the Roc city Rib fest. I am in the middle of still discovering the ROC but I am noticing that it is not as crowded as I am used to seeing. I expected crowds of people. I have been to rib festivals in Detroit, Jacksonville and Tampa therefore I expect people to be there neck to neck. Here in Roc city not to much. Not because it isn’t popular but because it really is just a small town in it self.

We got food from nearly each cart that was at the fest. We spent about $60 on food. You can’t go to a rib fest on a budget. The average price of a slab was $15, while pulled pork sandwiched were about $7-$8. Here are a few pictures I took.

Camera: Nikon D3200 (my new camera I’m excited about)


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