Listen, I know you’re great, your mom knows you are great but sometimes it can be hard to  fully explain in words how awesome you are to potential employers. When a job or internship opportunity passes you by, don’t fret, write a letter and thank them because you never know what it may lead to.



I have been working jobs since I was 16 years old. These weren’t jobs that you could send a thank you letter to. Retail jobs and fast food joints that take in 100’s of applications don’t have time to read over your “why you ain’t hire me doe” letters. That I understand. Every since I left the world of 9 to 5’s and returned to school to start my career, I am beginning to understand that in the world of career, degree and experienced based jobs-everyone doesn’t care about how great you are at customer service.


When it comes to chasing after that career it is all about who you know. Never forget that!

Over the last few months, I have been applying for internships left and right. I even made a full page on this site dedicated to showcasing my experience. yet, here is the summer and I am still without an internship. I am spending the summer in Rochester, New York and I know no a single soul.  Hey, but I did have dinner with the Mayor of Rochester and a lady that works for the city. It may help that my fiance is a reporter for the Democratic and Chronicle but I digress.

The one thing that I have learned in the world of media is that it is hard to say no to coffee.  If you get rejected for an internship or a job make sure you send a thank you letter. Not an email, an actual old school paper letter. Go to the dollar store or Staples and hand write a letter and send it off. You can delete emails but people are always curious about what is in their mailbox.


email vs postage


I suggest keeping it short and sweet.  Thanks for the interview. I hope the person you chose does an awesome job, blah , blah, be nice and then let us have coffee sometimes & my number is… You never know what someone may remember about you and trust me when I say that getting letters in the mail in 2016 is about as rare as seeing a red bottom monkey.

Look forward to my many posts this summer. I will be back in the fall on with my show the Pri party. Stay tuned to my site for up to date post about my time here in Rochester. I have to go look for some Thank you letters at Target.

Cover photo: Simpsons WIKI


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