If you have been checking your timeline then you know that the running man challenge is taking over. Much like a lot of the dance trends, this one has gone viral. When they dub it a challenge, that is when people all over and different countries make a video trying to do the dance. I like viral stories like this because it is the only thing in 2016 that brings us all together and you will see people from all different backgrounds doing it. I have seen families, old people, kids, and even reporters. When people post so much online, it can be hard to figure out who started the challenge.

The running man challenge was created by some high school kids. They mad the video and posted it to their Instagram page first and then the famous college basketball players video is what made it go viral.

Youtube: Melanie The French Reporter

Running Man Challenge
Original Video by @11.oo7  https://www.instagram.com/11.oo7/


Golden State Warriors Basketball


Our Family Nest

Official Inside Rutgers Football


The Running Man Challenge – Official



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