Datz Dough Brings the Donut Ice Cream Cone to Tampa

Web story 

Tampa-The cronut, the pretzel bun, and the ramen burger are food trends of the past. Dessert has a newcomer the donut ice cream cone.

Making its first debut online back in February, it went viral on Instagram. The double threat dessert got famous after a bakery in Prague added ice cream to a 200-year-old recipe.

When Datz Dough got a hold of it, Tina Contes the general manager decided to make a version of her own.

“It took a few solid days of work to get what we are getting now.” said Contes.

Over 70 people were in line before noon to try the donut cone lined with Nutella, filled with jelly donut flavored ice cream, topped with caramel bacon popcorn, cotton candy, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

So what do customers think?

“My favorite part was the caramel corn and I give it a thumbs up.” said Tamoya Henderson


“It was worth waking up at 8 o’clock in the morning for.” said Christy Wolf

These foodies were excited when they read the announcement online about the cones coming to Tampa.

The ice cream filled donut cone was sold out in an hour. Datz Dough will officially sell the cones daily notifying customers through their Facebook page. As for me. As for me, I say the dessert will definitely change your life.


Feature image:Instagram


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