According to the Atlantic, Black Twitter is a force. It’s also not particularly well understood by those who aren’t a part of it. The term is used to describe a large network of black Twitter users and their loosely coordinated interactions, many of which accumulate into trending topics due to the network’s size, interconnectedness, and unique activity.

This is such a serious topic that they actually have professors doing research on the trends and popularity of black people on Twitter. According to a research paper don’t by Meredith Clark, she would describe black twitter in three categories. Community, private conversation and social movements. You can find her 186 pages of research here.

Black people make up “Black Twitter”. What is there purpose? To make you aware of particular views or topics that you may have missed in the media. They can be found online and sometimes Tumblr.


Clarks three categories are; The first on being community. These are people that can be reached outside of the internet but a public figures among African-Americans. For example a popular blogger or media personal.

The second one is social movements. These are hashtags that make it to the most talked about subjects from police brutality to protest. #melanin #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen #IfTheyGunnedMeDown #Icantbreath and of course #blacklivesmatter are examples of social movements that happen online. The media and companies are paying attention to hashtags more today as a source of news and information.

from nowaygirl 

The final category is private/public conversation. This is when you tweet about a popular tv show, music or something that may have happened in sports. You know they went crazy the first time Scandal went on break for 3 months and when Empire first hit the air waves and people went nuts seeing two men kiss on tv. Go examples are when Beyonce announced her tour or the Love and Hip Hop reunion show tweets.You can blame blame Black Twitter for a lot of those crazy memes you can find on instagram. The one of Michael Jordan crying will never fail.




According to much of the research I have read online, they rise of black people online is mainly because of the advancement with smart phone and WIFI. Although many people may not be able to afford the internet at home, you can easily access any social media you want on the go. Even if your phone is off, all you have to do is find a Starbucks and you can get free access through wifi. The internet is no longer a place where only people who can afford the access. This gave life to people giving their two cents on any and every topic.


of course some funny memes too.


This is what happen when companies say dumb stuff and prove that they need a little bit more diversity within their offices.


When you think all black people look a like. *side eye*


When people have a problem with a black man in a T-shirt proving that calling Native Americans “red skins” is just as bad.

That time Whole Foods Twitter account told people to put peanuts in there greens.


Featured illustration by Alex Eben Meyer that appeared in the Slate article,


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