It wasn’t an April fools joke. This Facebook live video shows this Chicago man getting shot on Facebook live on Friday.

““Oh chief, they heard I was … so they had to open the store back up for the kid zo(sic). I can’t be out here without the store being open. I need somewhere to duck and hide for cover. Pipe it up. I slide so they popped the store back open for the kid.”

Now would you feel sorry for him if you knew that he was a convicted murderer that just got out of jail? The story goes that one of his friends told him to meet them outside of a closed down store. the video is only a few seconds in before this man is shot up. You can see the shooter standing over him and crying from a woman in the background. Anyone notice that is was a little kid in the background?

His mother says he is on a ventilator in the intensive care unit at Mount Sinai Hospital after suffering bullet wounds to his jaw, back, stomach and legs. He was only visiting town to see his mother.

I don’t know how I feel about this story because people don’t deserve to get shot but karma is a bitch with no remorse. You do bad things to other people and it will eventually catch up to you. This is a great example of how having these social media platforms integrating media is creating the trending stories for us.

Check out more details of this story at


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