It dropped yesterday free for those music lovers out there. It has been threes years since Dej Loaf first broke out in the rap scene. Another artist from Detroit, behind Big Sean and Eminem, you can immediately get into this album from the first song. The title, “All Jokes Aside” It can be downloaded for free from

It was 2 a.m when I first got word that this mix tape dropped and I won’t lie, when I seen that Silk the Shocker was on it, that is the main reason I ran to it. The was a press release for the dropping of her mix tape, which is really just a way for artist to do free promo and drop song that maybe their label won’t let them release, this is what Dej had to say:

There comes a time in a girl’s life, where she becomes a young woman. It’s called growth, it’s called maturity, it’s called living life to the full potential and being true to who you are. That’s what I represent. I feel good about everything that I am doing right now, because it is what I want to do. Not what anyone else wants me to do; it’s what I want to do. I’m in charge. I run my show. It feels damn good.

You can expect to see a full album to be released soon. This Saturdays show will be a dedication to the Detroit artist so make sure you tune in to The Pri Party on at 10 p.m. Tune in before you turn up!


It must be mentioned that she brought Silk the Shocker out for a track called bout that life. Just in case many of you don’t know who that is, shame on you. I was a big No Limit soldier fan when I was in middle school so that tells you how long ago that was. Silk the Shocker is a unique rapper that is known for his slight stuttering that is hidden in his rhythms. Listen to the full track at the bottom for yourself.


Seems like Dej loaf brought a little sexy to the cover of this mix tape. While most people may look at her like a tom boy the look of this album cover is letting people know that she not only spits fire but is on fire too. Check it out below.

Des Loaf 2nd ever mixtape “All Jokes Aside” available NOW exclusively on DatPiff! #GetItLIVE!

1. DeJ Loaf – Vibes
2. DeJ Loaf – Who Am I?
3. DeJ Loaf – Chase Mine
4. DeJ Loaf – How
5. DeJ Loaf – Keep Going
6. DeJ Loaf – I’m Gon’ Win
7. DeJ Loaf – Bitch Please
8. DeJ Loaf – Make Money
9. DeJ Loaf – Bout Dat
10. DeJ Loaf – Die 4 It .
11. DeJ Loaf – Goals


I’m super excited about the Silk Shocker track because it is nostalgic for me. You can here Mystikal in the background doing his classic yells and hype man duties. I swear I love this track. The opening line says “Dej hit me like I want the old shocker it’s no problem” I can attest that this sounds like the old Silkk The Shocker!! Ahhhhhhhhh


I still remember this cover shoot from VIBE magazine. He still fine to me.


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