Black girls rock is an award ceremony that started in 2006 to honer women of color in different categories;  musicentertainmentmedicineentrepreneurship and visionary to name a few. Some of the awards are “The ‘Rock Star’ Award,” “Social Humanitarian,” “Who Got Next?,” “Living Legend,” “Shot Caller,” “Trailblazer,” “Motivator,” “Young, Gifted & Black,” “Star Power,” and “Visionary.”The program also features musical performances by R&B and Soul female recording artists. Info via Wiki)

So this year, the show that is held in New Jersey, had a surprise guest, Hilary Clinton. Although black Twitter didn’t seem too amused, many others thought it was a good look for Hilary.

My 2 cents. I don’t know if I am the only one seeing right now but it seems that Hilary is doing a lot, maybe even over doing it to persuade the black vote. Do what you have to in order to get the attention that you need. What I hate is that most people assume that all black people will vote for Hilary simply because of her antics. It’s like if she breaks out doing a Nae Nae video next week then.. oh wait she already did that.

I mean really. Every since Obama was in videos singing, dancing or even playing basketball every candidate wants to appeal to what social media and young voters think. Be you don’t be a copy cat. I just will assume that the campaign managers are telling them when you do stuff like this it humanizes them. Nope just nope. Here is some reaction from Twitter that had me dying:


What do you think? Was this the wrong place to subliminally campaign? Was this a good move for her campaign? You can check out the show tonight on BET. Check local listings


Feature photo: Associate d Press


One thought on “Hilary shows up to Black Girls Rock ceromony

  1. Agreed. I’m feeling like Hilary thinks she deserves the black vote and is doing random stuff. The fact that she showed up to the BGR ceremony shows that she’s trying to do an about face after saying that All Lives Matter in response to Black Lives Matter.

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