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Every since North Carolina decided that the only way to legalize discrimination is to hide it under religious text, the state has be in the news for months now.  Businesses are treating to cancel their involvement with the state, the Playoffs are petitioning to move to Atlanta and now they may be defunded by the government.

I think it is hypercritical to be a Christian and hate people at the same time. Love thy neighbor but not if they are apart of the LGBT community. I think I missed that part of the Bible. I consider myself a Christian but in the last 15 years, with all the things going on in the media from race, to shooting and finally Trump, there is no questions that there are different types of Christians. The evil ones scary.

“‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself.” If you are going by this verse then there are a lot of people who hate themselves in this world. When you are staying in your own lane, then you are not worried about what another person is doing.

According to Thinkprogress.org, Some 100 national companies have signed onto a letter first distributed earlier this week decrying the law. They join the several businesses that had already spoken out against it in the days immediately after it passed. Wells Fargo added to the symbolic stand on Thursday by lighting the 48-story Duke Energy Center in pink, white, and blue to celebrate International Day of Transgender Visibility.

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The state claims that the media is making this new law seem worst than it is but really it is just they want privacy in the bathrooms. I guess they think people are stupid. This is like saying all men want to rape me, because they are men and they like girls. If someone has to pee they are not thinking about you. If that is the case then there should be a problem with family bathrooms along time ago. Those bathrooms have been around for years.

Many companies are planning to relocate events outside of that state, movies are refusing to produce there, and even some companies are refusing to pay for employees to go to conventions that are held in the state.

Look you have the right to dislike people that have wronged you or hell if you just want to not like someone then that is fine, but to take away basic rights is extreme. Why do you care what someone is doing in their bedroom? Why do you care who someone loves?


Read more about this story and more here. What are your opinions and thoughts on this matter.



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