The tradition that started many years ago but only can be pin pointed by old episodes of MTV spring break parties on tv. If you don’t go any where, then you are lame. if you do go some where, then you come back with hang overs and a lot of projects due.

My spring break consisted of a lot of sleep, shopping, and a mini mid-life crisis. I went to Jacksonville, Florida for my break to hang out with my friend and ex-manager Faith. it’s not to often you meet new people and love them just as if you met them years ago. She is one of those people. I caught my first Amtrak train, which isn’t the same as the Metro North and subways in New York. I can truly say it was on of the best rides I ever had.

I sat next to a sweet old lady that gave me snacks when woke up from my nap on the train. We had a long discussion about what a memory card was and how much she loved to play words with friends. The train car was spacious and had wide isles. It was a cafeteria on the train. Where do they do that at? Amtrak apparently.

I got to Jacksonville on Friday night and stayed until Thursday. I didn’t drive my car because it was waiting on a part. At first I thought that my spring break would be a bomb with out my car but I said forget it and hoped on the train with no problem.

I did a lot of eating out and shopping. Girl talk was in abundance. My favorite day was when I got my Tattoo and my nose pierced. I talked my friend into getting her tongue and her lip re-pierced and she did it. She was a little scared but after the blood gushed out everything was good. She stayed on pain pills for a few days, yet I kept trying to convinced her that it would heal quick.

I was a little hesitant about getting a big ass needle stuck through my nose but I said Let’s do this. I  proclaimed that I was not a punk and did it.

2016-03-14 18.16.51

When it was time for the tattoo, I picked something that best described me and I had talked about for year. “Made In Detroit” I thought it was going to hurt but it actually felt good and I wanted to immediately get another one.

I ended my spring break with $75 in my pocket but 100% happy for the last 5 weeks of school. I didn’t do anything major but when you be concentrating on just school for the last 10 months, splurging is a much needed task.

In the end, School starts back on Monday and I have Three group projects that are due and a couple video stories.

Break over now and back to work.



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