Say goodbye to the regular “Like” button on Facebook. No it is not the unlike button but it is 6 times better. Just released today, you can now Like, Love, HAHA, wow, sad, and angry any post on Facebook.

I would say that “Angry” is the same as unlike so those that have been begging for an unlike button for years, there you go. These buttons are just a passive aggressive way to tell people how you feel about their post with out taking the time to actually write something out.

I read about this story first thing this morning. I was excited. instead of running down the list and just like everyone’s post, now I have to actually read what they wrote and make a concise decision. God forbid someone updated their status about their car getting stolen and I just go and like it by mistake. I should probably chose a angry face, right?

To make these special comments on a post, you have to hold on the like button and a second menu pops up that reveals the five new emoji’s.


Now if we can just get these same options on our Instagram accounts.


Read the full story here.


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