Dr. Love: Teen pretends to be a Doctor

West Palm Beach- An 18-year-old teenager opens his own medical office. The only problem is he isn’t a real doctor.


Malachi Love-Robinson was arrested by an undercover officer last week. This is not his first time being caught practicing medicine with out a license. Last year he was caught in a local hospital posing as a doctor then a few months later as a massage therapist at another facility.

Love was released from jail on Wednesday, on a $21,000 bond. He was caught giving an medical exam. They arrested him at his illegal practice that recently opened.

When I read this story, I had so many questions. Where did her get all that money? Where is his dam momma? and finally Who was working with him?


I need to talk to these ladies. There is no way you go into business with someone and you do not check there credentials. I will only assume one of two things. He had the money and they needed it or He had a lot of phone documentation and laziness prevented a deeper search.


He claims to be innocent. Stating that he only asked to shadow a physician and the next thing he knows that police was there. Really Sir? Is that what you story is? Well, where the hell did this bio come from? the state also claimed that he never came in contact with anyone and they won’t press charges. Who this sound to you?

The memes that have been coming out of this even are hilarious. They make you think. If a young black guy with a GED did all this, then what the hell was I doing at 18?  Check out some of the memes below.




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