I thought it would be great idea to do a playlist dedicated to these two ladies. I am not a “Rihanna Navy” or “Beehive” member, but I love music and I share it with the world. When you are a super fan, it may seem like every song your favorite singer comes out with is the best. It is best to get a play list of songs that come from some one like me.

This Saturday February 13, I will dedicate my whole show to the top Beyonce and Rihanna songs that made me actually thing about buying the whole album. In most cases I did. If I bought it, then it had to be good.

It seemed to be a great kick off to the month with both ladies deciding to drop their record at the same time. Well, Beyonce didn’t really decide-she just did. All of people online decided to create memes and discuss how Riri dropped her album and then Beyonce swooped in and stole the show. I say both ladies are great performers and artist. There is room for both of them at the top. When you go purchase that Rihanna Album, then you might as well pick up the Beyonce too.

So tell all your friends and the fans of Beyonce and Riri to listen in on Saturday to the Pri Party with me, your host Prinadean what you mean, on Bullsradio.org


Let’s not forget if you are in the Tampa area you can listen on your radio dial

Tune in to 1620 AM on campus or 89.7 HD3 Tampa, or stream us worldwide at BullsRadio.org.



If you missed the Pri Party here on BullsRadio.org Feel free to listen to the Full show right here!

Full Playlist below.

Screenshot 2016-02-14 00.36.10


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